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    Justin has nearly two-decades of daily courtroom experience, which is the more than many of the current District Court judges. Although he is honored to have won many awards and even appeared on the First 48 television show, he remains most proud of having tirelessly defended the people of our community in both federal and state (District and Circuit) courts.  He has been able to zealously advocate for the members of this community in every single Courtroom in Jefferson County District Court; and he has done so effectively and tirelessly since April 2004.

            Justin began his career as a public defender in April 2004 and took his first case to jury trial only 5-months later.  During his years as a Public Defender, he advanced from a trial attorney in the adult division to a Deputy Division Chief in the Adult Trial Division, supervising and mentoring a dozen or more other attorneys.

            In the summer of 2010, Justin took a great leap and opened what has grown to be a respected and successful solo law practice.  In his roles as both a public servant and a private attorney, Justin has fought hard for the people of this community all the while guided by the Rule of Law and the spirit of justice for all.  As your next District Court Judge, it is his promise that he will continue to be guided by these paramount principles.  It matters to Justin that the people that come before him are treated with dignity, respect and fairness.             

            Indeed, for nearly 20-years, Justin has time and again demonstrated the unique ability to preserve the rights of the people of Louisville in a firm, but fair manner.  And as your next District Court Judge, it is his pledge to maintain this dedication to the men and women of Louisville.          

            Finally, as your next District Court Judge (Division 6), Justin’s courtroom will be one of the people; a place where all who appear before him will be treated with dignity and fairness regardless of their past, their financial status, their educational background, their race and their sex.  Justin, as do you believes in this democracy.  He believes in our Bill of Rights.  He believes in our Constitution.  He believes in following the law.  Justin is not afraid to make tough decisions.  He is not afraid to make unpopular decisions.  He is not afraid to stand by those decisions.  It is time to expect hard work from your judges.  It’s time to be smart on crime. Louisville is at a crossroads, Justin is the right man at the right time for this important position – District Court Judge (Division 6).

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