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Justin C. Brown for District Court Judge

Hi, I’m Justin.


     Justin has over 18-years of daily courtroom and trial-tested experience in all local Courts.  That’s nearly two decades of dedicated and award-winning service day-in and day-out to the wonderful people of Louisville.  He believes that it is critical to have a battle-tested trial attorney on the bench…a judge that knows the law.

     Originally from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee (yes, he is a Vols fan!), Justin is the only son of a former police officer and a kindergarten teacher. He is proud of the values that his parents instilled in him: hard work, fairness, integrity and standing up for what’s right; values that align perfectly to those that a judge should possess.

     Justin is a husband to his amazing wife, Alicia, a realtor who somehow still puts up with him after nearly 12-years.  He is also the proud father to three amazing kiddos, who somehow find it in their hearts to continue to laugh at his dad jokes.

     In addition to his legal life, Justin is an avid fan of jazz music, collects jazz records and 78 rpm shellac discs and even has his own classic jazz radio show on Louisville’s own WXOX-LP, 97.1 FM radio station!

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